Back to the Mountains

Life throws many curveballs, some at better times than others.  Unfortunately, during my first Diamond League trip in Doha, I was thrown a curveball.

The day before my race, I came down with what we believe to be food poisoning.  I spent the whole day in bed, unable to keep anything down until late that evening.  I was extremely upset about the situation, but decided all I could do was stay positive and try my best to get out there to race.  I woke up the next morning feeling much better and after doing a short shakeout, decided I would give it a try.  I spent the whole day hydrating as well as I could and forcing down plain pasta noodles to try and regain some energy.  I left for the track with a smile on my face, hoping the positivity would somehow help me pull of a good race. 

Unfortunately, my wish did not come true and the race was one of the hardest races for me and one of my worst openers ever.  While it was extremely disappointing, I was proud I gave it a try.  I knew that it was not a true indication of my fitness, just some bad luck.  


A few days after coming home from the trip, my coach and I made the decision to head up to Park City, UT for altitude training along with my teammates Emily Infeld and Colleen Quigley.  I was very happy to head to altitude camp, as I love training in the mountains.  I can thank my amazing Lady Lobos for all the positive associations I have with altitude training. 


Anyway, I have been up altitude for two weeks now and I feel that we are already making gains in fitness.  It’s nice to spend time with teammates, really focus on training without distractions, and get a nice boost from the skinny air.  Not to mention our beautiful condo up in the mountains we get to spend our downtime in. 


This weekend I am taking a quick 48-hour trip to Eugene to get in one more race before USA’s.  I am very excited to race in my first Pre Classic! I remember sitting in the stands at regionals watching the women’s steeple, wishing I could have been in that race.  Although, I will admit I do miss NCAA post-season racing with my college teammates, I am really looking forward to finally being able to race at Pre and hopefully experience some more Hayward magic. 


P.S. You can find more info about how to watch the race on the schedule!